The Power of Song Inc., is a 501c3 non-profit organization that educates and trains youth and communities about the Civil Rights Movement and social justice issues through song, theater and art. Our primary focus is to promote community service and non-violent exchanges and change. The organization's productions include original works such as its flagship project Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song, which shares the history of the songs of the Civil Rights Movement, and The Cardboard Stories, which tells the stories behind the faces of homelessness. Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song serves as the kick-off event for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service in St. Petersburg, Fla., sponsored by St. Petersburg College. The production, which was born from work with Stanford University history professor Dr. Clayborne Carson and the vision of community service by Florida state Rep. Darryl Rouson, received its initial support from St. Petersburg College and The Dolman Law Group.

The Power of Song Inc. does not discriminate on the basis of disability in admission or access to, or employment in, its programs and activities.

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September Penn, co-founder, CEO and creative director

Ivan Penn, co-founder and president

Beverly Chow, executive assistant

Charlotte Quandt, production manager

Steve Wilson, music director

Lauren Misa, public relations


Board of Directors

Will Davidson

Nikki Klugh

Delphine Griffin


Marvia Joye Watkins Williams

Creative Advisory Team

September Penn

Ivan Penn

Charlotte Quandt

Andrida Hosey

Boyzell Hosey

Marvia Joye Watkins Williams

Dr. Cody Clark

Sharon Scott

Photography and visual presentation

Boyzell Hosey


Graphic Design

Angela Brisbane

Video presentation

Chris Zuppa


John Feng

Denice Cox

Dinara Ermakova

Sarah de Herrera

Vanessa Kimble-Swangles

Karen Esin


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