Our Vision

Artists as Agents of Change


The Power of Song educates about social justice issues through song, theater and art. The goal is to inspire mentoring of youth and community service while promoting use of the arts in conflict resolution.

We believe that the arts have the unique ability to bridge divides, to heal brokenness and to unite communities in ways few other efforts can. We have witnessed it again and again through our work, as teenagers who endured physical beatings in bullying incidents found restoration through mentoring and music experienced in our programs as well as a sense of personal responsibility to the world in which they live through the inspiration of our efforts leading to them to go on missions to places like Africa to participate in uplifting communities.


Our productions and other programming have reached thousands of people each year. Our partnerships with other organizations have enabled them to grow. And we have inspired new leaders and the creation of other organizations, all while fostering a sense of hope in a world with too much conflict.

But we believe there is power in the arts. And we welcome the support of those who believe in The Power of Song.


September Penn
CEO/Artistic Director

September Penn, CEO and Artistic Director of The Power of Song Inc.

September Penn, CEO and Artistic Director of The Power of Song Inc.