The Power of Song international programs 


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International Programs and Events

The Power of Song’s influence reached Africa in 2018, as September shared about the organization and performed during a conference in Kenya, Africa. Then in Japan, September and organization President Ivan Penn spoke and performed in Tokyo, under the leadership of their mentor Makoto Fujimura.

Kenya, Africa

In Kenya, September attended the Global Consultation on Music and Mission. During the conference, she performed and shared about The Power of Song, endearing the Kenyans to her as they connected with the message of social justice that is at the heart of the organization.

The two-week trip was part of her studies at Fuller Theological Seminary. Dr. Roberta King sponsored the trip as part of her class Global Christianity Worship and Witness, which September took during the summer.

Tokyo, Japan

In Tokyo, Japan, September and Ivan spoke and performed in a variety of arts venues, ministries and Aoyama Gakuin University, where many of the children of the Japanese royals attend. September wrote and recorded a song during the trip about the art of kintsugi, which takes broken pottery and pieces it back together, filling cracks with gold. The song likens the art to the Christian experience of being put back together.

The trip included an interview on NHK TV’s Direct Talk. The interview was a 15-minute feature that focused on the work of The Power of Song and aired to 300 million people. The program has been used to interview some of the world’s top leaders.