Another Year for the Books.


Since The Power of Song Inc. began in 2015, it has quickly moved from a local arts organization that primarily produced the Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song theatrical and song presentation to an international entity that is touching people across the globe. As it will become clear throughout this annual report, the organization has increasingly shown enormous potential to serve and affect the social landscape domestically and abroad.

The Power of Song in 2018 brought performances of Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement to Florida and California as well as participated in events across America, Africa and Japan. Programs have expanded and although some core elements will be on hiatus during 2019, this pause has positioned the organization for a strong 2020 to begin the next decade. New relationships have fostered fresh opportunities for The Power of Song to continue touching the world.

We appreciate the support of sponsors, team members and volunteers who have helped make The Power of Song an exciting venture.



Data compiled by Staff.