Mayor Rick Kriseman praises Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song

St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Kriseman at a recent City Council meeting hailed Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement: The Power of Song as an "incredibly important performance" that should be repeated.

Kriseman and the Council paused from city business to recognize a community youth group, the Arts Conservatory for Teens (ACT), and its leader, ALEX, for their accomplishments. Both are celebrated parts of the cast of Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement, which went to stage for its second year Jan. 10-11 at The Palladium Theater in St. Petersburg.

"I recognize a lot of faces of the kids who are with you here today who I had the real honor of watching perform this weekend at the Sounds of the Civil Rights Movement performances that took place over the weekend," Kriseman told ALEX.

"I certainly, I hope that event happens again next year," the mayor added. "For the listening audience, I can't encourage you enough, if it does, to go! You will be moved. You will be thrilled. And you will walk away feeling different, having been able to see this incredible performance and incredible talent."

Parts of the cast of the production, including ALEX and ACT, will return to the Palladium March 31 to participate in the 100th Anniversary celebration of the Pulitzer Prizes.